Lirik Dan Chord Lagu Day One – Feng Suave

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JAKARTA, -“Day One” merupakan lagu yang dibawakan oleh grup musik asal Belanda, Feng Suave. togel online resmi terpercaya

Lagu tersebut dirilis pada 26 Juni 2020 dalam albumnya yang bertajuk Warping Youth.

“Day One” menjadi trek terakhir dari enam lagu dalam album tersebut.

Berikut lirik dan chord lagu “Day One” dari Feng Suave.

[Intro] F D/F# Behind the glass a leaf is falling Gm7 C7 Carried by a gentle sigh F D/F# A dog is walked, a lawn is watered Gm7 C7 But what am I? Forgotten

[Chorus 1] Gm C7 A golden frame for an aching pain F A I’ll swallow, in a quiet room Dm G C A#m7 While outside the flowers bloom F As they would anyway

[Verse 2] F D/F# The sick are brave and extra loving Gm7 C7 I’m none of that, I’m just sick and tired F D/F# The children play without a warning Gm7 C7 The trees are yawning, but then it’s quiet

[Chorus 2] Gm7 C7 A pouring rain washes away F Asus2 (high e string 5th fret) Tomorrow and it’s every word Gm G C7 All its faces flaunt concern Am Cause what if it did? Dm Dm7 Gm And the storm persists for many years C And I’ll spend my days Gm A# A#m D As though it would, anyways

[Bridge] F#m G D x9

[Outro] Dm G7 C Sometimes I get choked… Am Dm C Gm7 Counting my prayers in a holy sense of disarray C Cause I spend my days Gm7 C F A# Wishing things could ever change C A# A#m F As if they could, anyways

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